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Group Critique of Initial Module “Metamorphosis”

“I don’t listen to what art critics say. I don’t know anyone who needs a critic to find out what art is.”

Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Unlike Mr Basquiat our group critic is meant as a time to share what we have been doing and what our work means to us. It is a time for positive feedback from the group and possibly a chance to see things from someone else’s eyes.

OK Team – let’s go critique some Art.

Each person was allowed to introduce their own work, explain their process, their sketchbook and take questions\comments from the Tutors and group. We spent over 4hrs discussing each others work. The most interesting part for myself was in gaining some insight into how other students worked through their ideas, what did and did not work for them, how they overcame obstacles and adapted their work.

Year Two

My initial tests for my wall hanging rendered some pieces, which I believe are beautiful in their own right. I used them with a mini tree I created from wire and mod-rock and test cuts of wood on branches I had collected, along with chestnuts to create the following photos.

Su’s work on child abuse used collected objects such as old dolls and a music box playing “Thank heavens for little girls.” Which at the time of production was quite innocuous, but now could be heard with a very different meaning. The use of wire pressed over the dolls faces to describe the souls of abused children was very strong. I took a video of the piece with some students holding light sources to add atmosphere.

Along with others, I worked with Anna on the production of her face cast which was both technically challenging and immensely interesting to complete.

The resultant pieces were incredibly diverse with the Y1’s covering femininity, the coastal environment, the horror genre and music. The Y2’s tackled child abuse, dementia, domestic violence, the cycle of nature, the dream of Gepetto, the transformation of a dance to a bird and my own work on the destruction of our forested areas.

Year One

I enjoyed talking about my own work and listening to others. I thought this was a lovely way to meet the new students.


Published by stweddle

Living in Newcastle I have access to great landscape; sea, urban, country and city which I am continually inspired by. Starting my artistic qualification in my 50's allows me the benefit of long years admiring others art and a burning need to create my own.

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